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Adding New Users

Add new users or branch locations to your ClickPoint account. Enable and disable users, and add permissions for each user.

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How to Add a New User

  • Navigate to the Manage Users screen from the Settings Page. 

  • Click the silhouette icon for Add User next to the Branch you are adding the New User to.

  • A box will populate to enter the Users information.

  • Click Save

Image 1.1 Navigate to Manage Users

Image 1.2 Add New User

Setting Permissions

  • After saving, you are provided the option to edit the account role and its permissions.

  • In the Edit Account screen, your default User Roles are automatically applied. You can adjust them as needed. 

  • You can always adjust the Use Role later by navigating back to the user and selecting the Pencil (Edit) button from the Manage Users screen. 

  • Change Password is available for someone with Administrator access to reset or change a password for a User if needed.

Image 1.3 Edit Account

Image 1.4 Edit Agent

Permissions – It is possible, depending on the account, that not all Account Permissions are enabled. You can override the permissions for an individual account to provide access to functionality not typical to that particular role. 

For example, you may have a Team Lead, who needs the ability to administer parts of ClickPoint that is not typical of the User Role, you can institute an override.

  • Select on the arrow to allow for a drop-down to select Inherit, Deny or Allow. 

  • Inherit is the default and the user will inherit the default permissions for that role.

  • Deny will prevent that permission even if it is allowed by default for the User Role.

  • Allow will enable that permission even if it is set to deny by default. 

Image 1.5 Permissions

Note: Click Save Account Settings when complete

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