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System Notifications - Configuration

Notifications are used to inform users about opened email, new leads, appointments, and transferred leads

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There are a few areas within ClickPoint to address Notifications which can be used to alert of an upcoming appointment, when a lead has been assigned to you or if a lead was rejected.

Navigating to Add or Update Notifications

  • Select More > Settings > Setup Lead Routing - Step 3: Activate Notifications

  • Click Add New to create a new Notification 

  • Toggle/Slide buttons to turn On or Off certain Notifications

Notification Type or Alert 

  • Send Email – will send an email to the email address provided in the My Account section to notify you via email.

  • Show Modal – uses a modal or pop-up box while signed in to the ClickPoint application.

  • Show Notification - Display a notification under the 'Notification Flag' (under your user profile picture). 

Notification Type:

  • New Lead

  • Assigned Lead

  • Duplicate Lead

  • Rejected Lead

  • Email Sent Failed

  • Calendar Permissions

  • Requested Email Sent Opened

  • Appointment Reminder

  • Appointment Created

  • Bulk Assigned Lead

  • Bulk Branch Assigned Lead

  • Branch Assigned Lead

Configuring Notifications for Users

Once you have your notification types created, you have the ability to allow certain Notifications to be managed by Users, and you also are allowed to modify the Users Notifications. It is entirely up to the organization if they decide to allow users to configure their own level of notifications. 

  • Within the Notification Type you wish to assign users, select the Accounts next to the Pencil icon.

Customize Notifications

  • If you select any toggles under the Corporate or Branch level, all users under that level will share the same notification. 

  • You can also allow a user to configure their own notifications (or deny any override) by selecting the appropriate option under Allow Override or Deny Override. 


  • A user can manage their own notifications within My Account providing the account administrator allows for it

Enable/Disable Notifications

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