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System Notifications - Bulk and Branch

Information regarding Bulk and Branch style notifications

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Bulk and Branch Notifications

Bulk Assigned Lead 

The bulk assigned lead notification is designed to inform the user that leads have been assigned to them. Unlike the Assigned Lead notification, the bulk variation has been created to generate a singular notification for instances in which multiple leads have been assigned and the user only requires a singular notification.

Branch Assigned Lead 

The Branch Assigned Lead notification is ideal for branch managers who wish to be informed when a lead has been assigned to their branch. The notification has been designed to work based on a user’s SalesExec access level. If a user has been assigned branch-level access through their user role, they will be eligible to receive the notification.

Bulk Branch Assigned Lead 

The bulk branch assigned lead notification allows branch managers the ability to receive a singular notification when multiple leads have been assigned to their branch. The new notification is ideal for branch locations that receive a high volume of leads. Similar to the branch-assigned lead notification, a user’s access level will determine their eligibility to receive the bulk branch-assigned lead notification.

Additional Information  

  • Bulk notifications, both branch and user assigned, are required to be dismissed in order to receive additional bulk notifications. If no dismissal occurs within 24 hours, the system will auto-dismiss the notification, and an additional bulk notification may be sent. 

  • Bulk notifications will not direct the user to a specific lead or any other area of the system, they are designed to be informational only.

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