How to Add New Users

Add new users or create new Branches to facilitate adding new teams to ClickPoint

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  1. Navigate to More > Settings > Users.

  2. Click the silhouette icon for Add User next to the Branch you are adding the new user to.

    1. If you need to add a new Branch to create a new team for your new user, click the Add New Branch icon next to the Corporate level account, then add the branch name and save the new branch to continue adding the new user.

  3. Fill in the new user's details. The only required information is the first name, last name, email address, and password.

    1. The user's display name will auto-populate as the combination of their first and last names, and the username will auto-populate as their email address. Either field can be changed if needed.

    2. Use a strong (preferably randomized/encrypted) password when creating accounts. You can choose to pass along this password to the user for their initial login, or provide them with instructions for resetting their password to get started.

  4. Save the user's information to create the account. Under the Roles tab, you can select the appropriate roles for the user, and you can apply custom permissions for the user under the Permissions tab.

  5. If the user needs access to the RingResponse system, navigate back to the user list, find the user account in the list, and enable a RingResponse seat for the user account.

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