Marketing Key Terms

Marketing Channel, Lead Source and Campaign key terms to help you segment and measure marketing performance.

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Below are some key terms you may see when interacting with the ClickPoint solution.

Key Terms

Record Type – A collection of lead fields, workflows and marketing data generally associated to a product or a group of similar products that a company offers to a lead.

Marketing Channel – A Marketing Channel is the defined entry point of a lead into ClickPoint Lead Manager. An example of a Marketing Channel would be a 3rd Party Lead Provider; other types of channels include:

  • Web Form – Leads acquired by Lead Forms located on a website or landing page

  • Phone – Leads from Inbound calls generated by offline or online marketing

  • File Import – Leads lists that are imported via Excel

  • Third Party – Leads acquired from lead generation providers

  • FTP – Leads accepted through an FTP lead import service

  • Other/ Custom – All other methods of lead acquisition

Lead Source – A Lead Source is the “source” of your leads. This could be multiple direct mail providers, multiple 3rd party lead providers, a weekly file import or a website.

Campaign – A Campaign is the specific push you’ve made to obtain leads. Campaigns are typically short-term initiatives with specific price and budget restrictions. Examples would be a free trial offer or a seasonal discount.

Owner – The Corporate or Branch level which owns and can make changes to Marketing Channels, Lead Sources or Campaigns.

Budget – The budget allocated to a marketing campaign.

Price/ Price per Lead – The price for a single lead associated to a marketing campaign.

Posting Instructions – Documentation provided to a Lead Source Provider to post leads directly into ClickPoint.

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