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Setting up a Lead Source

Set up a lead source for lead source segmentation.

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Your Lead Sources are the next step after Marketing Channels. Lead Sources denote the entity or general lead provider. Typically, they are the company you purchase your leads from or maybe a search engine provider.

Configuring a New Lead Source

 Note: ClickPoint doesn’t prevent you from using the same Marketing Channel, Lead Source or Campaign names. However, it is best practice to keep these unique.

  • Select More on the left-hand side tool bar, then select Settings and then Setup Marketing Channels, Lead Sources and Campaigns.

  • On this screen, you can add and edit Marketing Channels, Lead Sources, and Campaigns. You can toggle between the three in the upper right corner. For now, select Lead Source.

  • Select Add Source located in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Enter your Lead Source Name and select an Owner.

Adding a Lead Source

Note: Selecting the correct owner is especially important. When the owner is the corporate level, all users within your organization can use them when manually adding leads. Set a branch owner if you wish for only those users under that branch, to have access. 

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