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Generate Automatic Lead Posting Instructions
Generate Automatic Lead Posting Instructions

Within the user interface, you can generate posting instructions for setting up automatic lead posts.

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You can use the following process to generate posting instructions that you can provide to a lead provider or appropriate technical resource to create automatic lead posts into ClickPoint.

  1. Navigate to More > Settings > Setup Marketing Channels, Lead Sources and Campaigns.

  2. Posting Instructions can be generated on any of the Marketing Channel, Lead Source, or Campaigns tabs. To create, select Generate Posting Instructions.

  3. You should carefully consider how your Marketing Channels relate to your Lead Sources and Campaigns. After you make your selections, select Generate.

  4. The document provides everything needed for a developer or lead source provider to get leads into ClickPoint. The document outlines the format, an XML example, the Schema which defines acceptable values, and important Account Identifier Values.
    To create a shareable document of your posting instructions, click Print and use the Save as PDF function to save the document to your computer as a PDF.

Note: Should your developers or lead source providers have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team via chat or at

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