Setting up a Campaign

Set up a campaign to segment by campaign.

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Setup a Campaign to segment leads from your Lead Source. These could be short lived Cost-per-Click campaigns or long living acquisition campaign. 

Configuring a New Campaign

Note: ClickPoint doesn’t prevent you from using the same Marketing Channel, Lead Source or Campaign names. However, it is best practice to keep these unique. 

  • Select More on the left-hand side tool bar, then select Settings and then Setup Marketing Channels, Lead Sources and Campaigns.

  • On this screen, you can add and edit Marketing Channels, Lead Sources, and Campaigns. You can toggle between the three in the upper right corner. For now, select Campaign.

  • Select Add Campaign located in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Enter your Campaign Name and select an Owner. When the owner is the corporate level, all users within your organization can use them when manually adding leads. Set a branch owner if you wish for only those users under that branch, to have access. 

  • Add the Price per Lead or a Total Budget. You can also designate a Start and Stop date/ time to establish the duration of your Campaign

Note: In relation to Price per Lead and Budget, this depends on how you are purchasing your leads. For example, if you are purchasing leads from Lending Tree, you may have a total budget for this provider and decide to allocate a part of that budget to Refinance Short Form leads.  

Add a Campaign and Associate a Lead Source

Starting and Stopping a Campaign

  • If you didn't specify a Start and Stop date, you can select the Start button to signify the starting of a campaign.

Starting a Campaign

Note: Since marketing events are typically associated with a budget, the Price per Lead and Total Budget fields can be utilized as a quick reference point. Campaigns are typically short-term marketing efforts and designating a start and end date is helpful for tracking active and expired campaigns.

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