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SalesExec Patch Notes May 16, 2024
SalesExec Patch Notes May 16, 2024
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Add Import Performance Logging

Implemented performance logging for imports in SalesExec. The logging will help monitor import performance and ensure proper functionality.

Event Stream - Remove Dismiss All

Removed the 'Dismiss All' option from the Event slide-out. Now, viewing events automatically deducts the number of viewed events from the event notification icon, eliminating the need for a 'Dismiss All' action.

ERROR: Showing as Unknown

Resolved an issue where error messages were displayed as "Unknown" in SalesExec. The message will now correctly reflect the actual issue providing clearer information for troubleshooting.

Settings Page - Update Icons and Descriptions

Updated icons and descriptions on the Settings page for better clarity and differentiation. Icons have been revised for the following sections:

  • Email Templates, Email Snippets, and Text SMS Templates

  • Phone Numbers and External Numbers

  • Roles and Permissions and User State Criteria

  • Lead Distribution and Legacy Distributions

  • New Automated Events, Legacy Automated Events, and Email Sync List

  • Billing Statement and RingResponse Usage Report

Additionally, comprehensive descriptions have been added to:

  • RingResponse Features

  • Call Flows

  • Text SMS Templates

  • External Numbers

  • User State Criteria

  • System Settings


Workflows - Categories Act Up When Changing Position

Fixed an issue where dragging categories in the new workflow caused them to move to unintended positions or revert to their original place. Categories now rearrange correctly as intended.

Columns Do Not Resize

Fixed an issue where columns could not be resized. Previously, resizing columns reverted to their original size upon refreshing the page. Columns now retain their resized dimensions after adjustments.




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