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SalesExec Patch Notes May 30, 2024
SalesExec Patch Notes May 30, 2024
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Email Conversation UX Improvement
Enhanced the email conversation page to allow salespeople to view their replied emails more easily. Changes were also made to the New Email Compose interface (the small version for replies) to facilitate quicker customer responses.

Visual UI Updates on the 'Email Templates' Screen
- Fixed alignment issues within the content of the statistics column.
- Applied new styling for the 'Clear' button in the 'filter by' bar.

Improve Error Message for System Field Conflict
Enhanced the error message displayed when there is a conflict between system fields. Previously, users received a generic message displaying [object Object] without specifying the issue. The system now provides a more descriptive error message indicating the exact conflict, improving user understanding and troubleshooting.

Modify BridgeApi Endpoint for Email Sending
Updated the BridgeApi endpoint `api/Email/SendSingleTemplate` to return the result after execution. This modification has been implemented on automated events to provide more comprehensive feedback on email sending actions.


Calls Answered by Two Agents
Resolved an issue where calls were being answered by two agents almost simultaneously in a round-robin call flow. Additional logging has been added to better monitor and prevent this issue from occurring in the future.

Issue with Appointments Set to All-Day
Resolved an issue where appointments were being modified to all-day appointments automatically. Additional logging has been added to the processes for adding, updating, and deleting appointments to better monitor and prevent this issue.

Agents Making Outbound Calls from Unassigned Numbers
Resolved an issue where agents were making outbound calls from phone numbers they did not have ownership over. Additional checks have been implemented to ensure that agents can only make calls from their assigned numbers.

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