Get Zillow leads into ClickPoint

Get Zillow leads into ClickPoint with an easy to use mapping tool.

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Use the Zillow integration to get mortgage leads posted to the ClickPoint solution, in real-time. 

Note: If you decide to update the mapping after the integration is live, you will need to regenerate the Post URL or create a new mapping and provide the appropriate information to your Zillow representative. 

If you select Regenerate after the integration is live, you will no longer be able to receive leads to that endpoint. Please be sure to coordinate with your Zillow representative. 

If you feel you will need to make adjustments, we recommend creating a new mapping as to not disturb production.


Navigate to More > Settings > Integrations. 

Activate the integration and select View. 


From the top of the screen, select Add Map. Make sure to name this mapping something descriptive so it is easy to reference.

Note: If you are receiving different types of leads from Zillow (for example Refinance and Purchase), make sure to select Add Map again. This will allow you to configure and setup a second mapping so that your marketing team has the appropriate marketing information. This is important for performance tracking. 

Go through and map the corresponding Lending Tree fields (included in the drop-down options) to your ClickPoint lead fields. 

When you are complete, select Regenerate under the Post URL and then Save Settings. Provide this URL to your Zillow representative. 

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