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Whitelist ClickPoint through Google Workspace
Whitelist ClickPoint through Google Workspace

Whitelist ClickPoint through your Google Workspace administration console

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Before you can sync your Google Workspace email with your ClickPoint Lead Manager account, you must first whitelist ClickPoint through Google's administration panel. Once ClickPoint is whitelisted, users are free to sync their emails by following the steps outlined in the article below.

Configuration Steps

Please note, in order to complete these steps, you must first be a Google Workspace super administrator within your organization.

  • Navigate to Security > API Controls within your Google Workspace admin panel.

  • Under App access control, select Manage Third-Party App Access.

  • Under Configure new app dropdown, select OAuth App Name Or Client ID.

  • Google Workspace will ask you to enter the client ID, copy the below client ID into the search bar and select Search. Press Select next to the ClickPoint search result.


  • Next, verify the selection by selecting the new Client ID, and press Select again.

  • Be sure to select Trusted: Can access all Google services, and then select Configure.

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