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SalesExec Patch Notes June 13, 2024
SalesExec Patch Notes June 13, 2024
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Add Hyperlink Functionality for URLs on New Pull Page
Added hyperlink functionality to the Angular pull page for fields marked as datatype URL. Key updates include:
- Enhanced `dsc-input` component to support slotted elements.
- Created `dsc-input-url` component with a clickable button to open URLs.
These improvements streamline URL handling and ensure proper validation and usability on the Angular pull page.

Nylas - Check the Consistency Process Delay Alert
Implemented a process to check the sync status every 3 hours to ensure consistency.

This change does not affect the operation of Nylas but enhances monitoring and reliability.

Event Stream Update to Event Limits
Updated the event stream limits to display all events from the past 2 months instead of a maximum of 250 items. This enhancement allows users to see all events within the specified time frame, providing more comprehensive reporting on leads and related events.
- New limits: Today, This Week, This Month, Last Month, and the past 2 months.

Add Angle Brackets to Email Compose to Show Email Address
Updated the 'To' field in the email compose or send email template on LMS, LDS, and the new Pull page to display email addresses in the format: '{LeadFullName} <{LeadEmail}>'. This change helps users verify that they are sending emails to the correct addresses.

Bug Fixes

Fix Null Reference Exception in Web Hook Console Runner
Added validation to `SalesExec.Office365Calendar.ConsoleRunner` to avoid exceptions when the Office API returns the error โ€œAt least one property failed validation.โ€ This fix ensures smoother integration with the Office API and reduces error occurrences.

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