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Lead Distribution Administration - Holiday Hours
Lead Distribution Administration - Holiday Hours

Setup Holiday Hours and ensure your team is compliant with state calling hour restrictions

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It is important to manage Agent and Call Center Hours. Use Holiday Hours so you can also ensure you are compliant with Do Not Call Holidays. The new tool for Holiday Hours gives you the capability to maintain your current Distribution without affecting what you have configured. You can now set Holiday Hours for your whole account to maintain Users calling restrictions, as well as Call Center closure days for Holidays.

How to Set Holiday Hours

  • More >  Settings >  Setup Lead Distribution

  • Click on Edit Holidays (located towards the top right of the page)

  • Click Add

  • Name the Set you are Adding

  • Choose From and To Dates by clicking on the Calendar icon.

Edit Holidays

Note: When choosing the From and To Dates, be aware the full calendar will not display. When viewing To Date, select the date you require, go back to view From Date, you will now see all those 'future' dates are available to select. For example, today is the 15th of the month, From Date will only display up to the current date, to select the 20th, view To Date, select the 20th, go back to From Date and you can now select the 20th. This is for those times your From Date and To Date will only be a range of one day.

Add Holidays

A few tips for the Calendar Date Range picker:

  • From Date allows you to set the date the Holiday Hours should begin

  • To Date allows you to set the date the Holiday Hours should end

  • Name the Set you are Adding

  • The year is not required, as once you have set these Holiday Hours. They are saved and can be used year after year, all that would be needed is to update the Date of the Holiday.

For Example: Independence Day is July 4th every year, a year would not need to be selected, as this would not change. However, Thanksgiving is the third Thursday every November, this would be a Holiday in which you would be required to change the Date. Select States in which the Holiday Hours would be required.

Select States

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