Products is a tool used to house all Product information Users may need when speaking with Leads they are selling a product or service to.

Working with Products

  • Select Products from the menu on the front interface of the ClickPoint application.

Products section

  • This utility holds all your Products view-able in a List or Card View ( 1 ).


Product Details

How to Add Product

  • Click Add Product ( 3 ), this brings up an Add New Product box.

  • Gives ability to add a link to a website where your Product is located

  • Create Categories for organization for Product.

  • Search for a Contact from the Contacts List to add a Contact to the Product.

  • Click Save Product when finished adding information.

Add Product

How to Find a Product

  • Search by using the search bar; type the Product name or even the SKU of the Product to start the automatic search. 

  • Sort by All to show all Products or by clicking any letter of the alphabet. 

  • Products Per Page ( 2 ) – Click the down arrow to allow a certain number of Products to display on the page.

Note: Help key available to assist with Products functionality. Also be aware if you do not see Products in your Menu, this has been disabled by your Administrator; you can contact your Administrator to receive Permissions for this Tool.

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