How To Update My Account Settings

My Account Settings includes user credentials, email signature, document library, notification preferences, and communication tools.

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To access My Account Click the down arrow by the user account name (1).

Select My Account from the drop-down menu (2).

Navigating to My Account

Features available in My Account:

  • Change Password - Enter your current password and enter a new password

  • Update Display Name, Email, Phone Number, Address

  • Capability to upload a photo

  • Email Signature – Click Email Signature and/or create a personal email signature

  • Document Library – Uploads documents as well as keeps a library of documents uploaded

  • Email Templates – View all available email templates

  • Notification Preferences – Select from a variety of notifications for keeping up to date on leads, such as New Lead, Missed Appointment etc. 

  • Once phone integration is complete, click the toggle button to mark Active, if not marked as Active this toggle will display as Inactive.

User Profile

My Account Setting Options

Note: When finished updating any information in My Account click Save Changes.

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