How To Create Email Signature

Create an email signature to be used in email nurture, bulk email sends, or one off email delivery to your prospects and leads.

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The Email Signature utility will enable your signature to be used when sending an Email Template from ClickPoint.

Note, your email template must use the {User:Signature} variable.

To Create an Email Signature

  • Select More > My Account > Email Signature

Navigating to Email Signature

  • Either create signature text or copy from another platform (Word, Outlook, etc.).

  • Consider inserting an image. Select the Insert Image button; click Upload (1) and then select each image, one at a time, which you will need to insert into the Email Signature.

  • Make sure to adjust the pixel width and height as necessary. Or, format the image outside of ClickPoint.

  • Select Insert (2) once the image has been highlighted.

Insert Image

  • Consider adding a hyperlink to your images or to any text. Perhaps you want to link to your company website or to a landing page somewhere.

  • Select the image or text and then select the Insert Hyperlink. Enter the web address, text and tool tip as necessary.

Insert Hyperlink

Note: After all is entered make sure to Save in the Email Signature box as well as Save Changes. Test with your email templates to make sure it displays correctly.ย 

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