As an account administrator, you can sync either Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace email accounts and assign them to your Corporate and Branch accounts.

Use Cases

  • When new leads are added and are assigned to the Corporate or Branch level, use Nurture or Automated Events to send an email template from a synced Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account.

Sync an Email Address

  • As an account administrator, you first need to enable the User Permission Manage General Email Sync Accounts.

  • Then, navigate to Settings > Email Sync List under Nurture Your Leads.

  • Select Add New Account, select either Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, then enter a Name and Email used for the sync.

  • You will be required to authenticate the entered email address.

Configure to a Branch or Corporate Account

  • Navigate to Settings > Users.

  • Select a Corporate or Branch account. In this example, we are editing the ClickPoint Software account which is the corporate account that all other accounts fall under.

  • Under Basic Settings, under Email Send Option, adjust Basic Email Send to Email Sync Inbox within the drop-down.

  • Under Email Sync Mailbox dropdown, select your newly synced inbox.

  • Once you have synced your inbox, any Nurture Strategies, or Automated Events that are configured to send emails from the Corporate account, they will now go through your synced inbox. Follow the same steps if you wish to sync your email to any Branch accounts.

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