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Lead Penetration Rate Report
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Lead Penetration

Reports the total number of leads agents call during a specific date range and provides overall penetration rate. This report will provide the daily penetration rate of each distinct (unique) lead while displaying first through sixth call attempts. This report is generated based off of the date the lead status is updated.

Why is this important?
Understanding if you are calling each lead the optimal number of times is critical to your sales success and getting value from the leads you are acquiring or purchasing. 70-90% of deals are won on the 7 the call yet 80% of salespeople give up on the third call. Make sure you monitor this as well as your team so that you capture each opportunity.


The magic number is 6 calls per lead.Your team needs to consistently hit 6+ calls per lead in order to get full value from every lead you acquire. This report helps you understand if you are meeting these targets. The trick is to find out over how many days you want to set this target. It is not feasible or compliant to call numerous times in one day. Your goal should be to make 6+ call attempts over a range of days.

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